Il Maggio delle Mondine

Il Maggio delle Mondine

Il Maggio delle Mondine
Documentary film

(2011, 45 min.)

In 2009 the choir of the Mondine di Medicina (rice-weeders of Medicina, a town not far from Bologna) has been invited to sing at the concert of the May Day that takes place in Rome. Inside the pullman, during the trip, the rice-weeders sing their songs, in a kind of reharsal of the concert. The images of the trip are alternated with the tales of the rice-weeders and with the memories of their lives and struggles for the labour rights. However the choir that will sing in Rome is not complete: Pina had to remain at home…

Eurorama 2013
Special mention at Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival 2012
Festival Jean Rouch 2011

Il DVD del film รจ allegato al libro Siamo tutte d’un sentimento. Il coro delle mondine di Medicina tra passato e presente di Cristina Ghirardini e Susanna Venturi