Francesco Marano

As a scholar
I am associate professor at the University of Basilicata (Italy) where I teach Ethnography, Visual Anthropology, Anthropology of Landscape, Anthropology & Art.
My researches concern visual anthropology, relations between anthropology and contemporary art, auto-ethnographies, ethnography of cooking and cultural identity.
Among my publications: Camera Etnografica. Storie e teorie di antropologia visuale (Milano, Franco Angeli, 2007), Il film etnografico in Italia (Bari, Edizioni di Pagina, 2007), L’etnografo come artista. Intrecci fra antropologia e arte (Roma, CISU, 2013), Fare a occhio. Antropologia della cucina in Basilicata (Matera, Altrimedia Edizioni, 2015).
I am editor in chief of the journal Visual Ethnography (, editor of the book series Walking on the Line (Altrimedia Edizioni) and editor of the web site

See my complete CV (in Italian)

As an ethno-filmmaker
My ethnographic films had been screened in international ethnographic film festivals. See this page.

As an artist
I work on video art, ethno-artistic installation, graphic and painting.

As a curator
I organized the following residencies for artists and anthropologists:
Rupextre. The senses of empty space (Matera, 2010);
Rupextre. Maps and mapping: Art Anthropology Science (Matera, 2011). See the book.
Community (Chiaromonte, 2017)

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