You Make Me Shy is my second release. This track will be included in the album Humanization

[A woman falls in love with another woman]
You are seating on the sofa
I am seeing you from afar, lonely.
You make me shy, so shy,
waiting for offering you the right sweet words stolen to a bold man.
You think of him, as I think of you.
This darkness is shining, is blinding.
Outside is raining.
Tears are hidden by the rain, tears hide in the rain.

Leaving his silent home
heels mark the sunrise,
He forgot you now,
just now.
You are walking on the wet mirroring road.
Steps are unsaid words.
You think of him,
as I think of you.
The brightness is darkening,
it’s wounding.
I see you on knees
in a dirty cloud,
but smelling sweet


© Francesco Marano under SafeCreative and SoundReef