Community – Residency for Anthropologists and Artists
Chiaromonte, 14-23 September 2017

Scientific Regional Observatory “Edward C. Banfield”
Municipality of Chiaromonte
University of Basilicata, Italy

Tatsuo Inagaki (artist, Hosei University, Japan)
Francesco Marano (anthropologist, University of Basilicata, Italy)

The residency will be focused on community, a concept always active and debated in the anthropological studies and used in contemporary art. The concept of community is related to the book The Moral Bases of a Backward Society by Edward C. Banfield, the American
anthropologist that enquired the local society of Chiaromonte in 1954.
The residency is based on the dialogue between contemporary art and anthropology. It wants explore the wide range of meanings of the concept of community in Chiaromonte: sense of belonging, civic commitment, solidarity, ethical economies, construction of identity, etc.
Participants will be encouraged to collaborative methods involving the inhabitants of Chiaromonte and the migrants temporary living in the town.
The participants will be supported to create artistic-ethnographic works: public art projects, community art, installations, exhibitions, video, photo-reportage, performance, software, etc.

Laura Delaney (Australia)
Michela Frontino (Italy)
Lorenzo Buongiovanni (Italy)
Raffaella Regina (Italy)
Vanja Ristic (Serbia)
Shirley Van Der Maarel (Holland)

Zoe Aiano (UK)
Elisa Bellato (Italy)
Virginia Evi (Italy)
Arba Bekteshi (Albania)
Maica Gugolati (Italy)
Ewa Rossal (Poland)