Sound Art & Music / KUNIGHT

Francesco Marano (Kunight) has created the soundtracks for the contemporary dance choreographies of Aya Misaki and Hinako Taira performed at Amsterdam, Fukuoka and Berlin.
His style is a mix of genres: techno, instrumental, hip-hop, trance…
In 2019 he was among the finalists of the international Losco Contest for film soundtracks.

His nickname on platforms is KUNIGHT

Links to Kunight’s music and social: Instagram  –  Facebook  –  Twitter  –  Bandcamp  –  Soundcloud  –  Beatstars

Music for film

“I found it estonishing. I perceived a harmony inside the disharmony, a sort of oxymoron. The sound envelops you and then folds back. In this movement I feel an insistent but disciplined pain.” (Renata Adamo, writer)




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